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Dong Le (Stanza 1)

Title: Dong Le (Understood)
Characters:  Kyuhyun/OC

Genre: Fluff, Romance
Length: Chaptered
A/N: Each chapter is a stand-alone and would each have a different pairing. Story based on the song by Tank entitled "Dong Le."
Summary: Misaki wonders as to what kind of relationship she and Kyuhyun really has.



I shouldn’t waste my time, doing all kinds of useless things.

Instead with my eyes, I will whisper sweet things to you.


© Misaki had always wondered about how Kyuhyun truly feels about her. Are they still best of friends? Are they dating now? He just simply kissed her without explaining what that kiss was for. So, in order to find out, she’s been tailing him for days like some stalker, even going as far as eavesdropping on him and his gaming buddies until late evening. But all she heard were talks about the latest games and words like ‘Die you blood sucker,’ ‘I’m building some cool tower,’ and many other phrases and sentences not related to her and Kyuhyun’s situation.


Now, she can’t even concentrate on class, eyes on the said man who’s sitting beside her. Damn! She can’t even sleep on class like she does when she’s lacking some sleep; her mind is too busy wondering.


He finally noticed her staring, so he turned to her and gave her a look of him asking, ‘What?’


Misaki shook her head to respond ‘Nothing,’ eyes still not leaving the handsome man’s face.

Though still curious, he decided to just continue listening to class and just pry on the matter when they’re dismissed. Then he heard her ask, “Tell me Kyu, are we still just best friends? Or are you my boyfriend now?”


‘Uh-oh! Did I just say that out aloud?’ She thought and hurriedly covered her mouth with one hand. ‘He didn’t hear that, right? My voice wasn’t loud enough.’ But is seems like she did and it was audible enough, for Kyuhyun turned to her again and looked at her. ‘It’s as though his eyes are saying something. Is it his answer?’


“You mean, what do I think?” she whispered as a reply to the look he’s giving her. He nodded looking ahead, at their professor and what their professor is writings on the board.


“Umm…can’t you just tell me?” still in a hushed voice she spoke.


Kyuhyun turned to her again, the look in his eyes speaking volumes. Misaki feels like drowning in them. He looked ahead once more, and turned to her again after a second, his eyes now looked as though he’s teasing her about something. He gave her a haughty smile and turned back to copy some notes, before looking back at her with softness and fondness in his eyes this time. But she needs to hear the words from his lips; sure, she got an idea about what he’s trying to say to her but hearing it is definitely more concrete and confirmatory.


K-Ring………!!! !!! !!!
The school bell rang signaling the end of the period. Their professor said something about a paper due next week before dismissing the class.  But she doesn’t care at all, all she wants to know is the meaning of those looks.


He smiled at her, leaning back on his chair, arms folded together.


“The first look meant?” she began.


“Meant yes, I am your boyfriend but still your best friend too. Nothing much will change; I’d still care and love you a lot. Well, those just got doubled though for I now play two important roles in you life.”


“And the second one?”


“I was asking, is that why you’ve been stalking me? Huh? You thought I didn’t know?” He raised an eyebrow at her, sporting a knowing look and stuck his tongue out (*merong*). With the act, she found herself smiling slyly as she’s been found out. What does she expect really? The man is very observant and sensitive of his surroundings afterall.


“The last one?” she continued on after a while. Then, she noticed him shift to face her fully.


“I love you Misaki. My best friend, my girlfriend,” he said sincerely before pulling her in his arms. She yelped and embraced him back. Then she felt him kiss her cheek. She felt him tip her chin up and saw his face moving closer to hers. “Are you still wondering?” he asked and pressed his lips on her slightly parted ones. It was such a sweet kiss.


Why did she even wonder? It was ‘Dong Le,’ understood already.


I'm back, well, my muse is back!!! ^-^
-I wrote this one for 1stfairchild , this is for you my Hoodie-evil-kabute-usagi-unnie-chan...
Tags: band: super junior, fic: dong le, genre: fluff, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: kyuhyun/oc

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