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His Wedding, Her Predicament (Chapter 2)

Title: His Wedding, Her Predicament
Characters: Jung Yunho/OC

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance
Length: Chaptered (3/?)
Summary: Byul has always loved Yunho. But he’s getting married soon, and he even asked her to help him plan the upcoming wedding.


Chapter 2: His Plans, Her Memories


            “So? Don’t you think getting a wedding planner would make things easier? Why go through all the trouble?” Byul asked Yunho while flipping through one among the stacks of Wedding-related magazines on the center table of his living room.


            “Well, we’re meeting a wedding planner later this afternoon,” he answered placing the tray filled with two tall glasses of watermelon smoothies and a plate of oatmeal cookies beside the magazines.


            “Then, what are we looking at these mags for?”


            “To get some idea. I want the wedding to have some personal touch too you know. It would make  the occasion more memorable,” he got himself a magazine and started flipping as well.


            “Right. I can’t argue with that. But shouldn’t you and your bride be the ones doing this together? She might not like my choices.” Byul glanced at him and saw him chuckle.


            “Are you just trying to escape? You did tell me you’re helping me out. And she wouldn’t mind. Besides, she could just change the ones which she wouldn’t like. There’s still three months before the wedding date she and I has set.”


            “I’m not,” she went to back to what they are doing and saw a really nice wedding cake design. “Oppa, this is nice. 5 layers and each layer is surrounded with tiny cakes on the side too except for the top layer where the main design is placed. We can have the base large base cakes to be chiffon and the tiny ones chocolate. What do you think?”


            Yunho inched closer to peek at the magazine too and nodded. “Hmm…this is really nice Byul and I like your idea about the base cakes too. Bookmark that page. This is why I wanted you to help out. You really have an eye for these things. Especially since you’ve been attending weddings since you were a child.”


            She smiled. “Yeah…our first meeting was even at a wedding reception back when I was six and you were ten, remember?”


           Six year old Byul was sitting on the stairs of a small gazebo away from the crowd in the middle of the garden where the wedding reception of his father’s business associate was being held. Her cousin, Changmin-oppa, pulled her from where they were sitting a while ago. It turns out he wants to eat all the cake he can eat, more like stuff his black hole of a tummy, without their parents noticing them ;and playing with her was the easiest excuse he can give them. So here she is waiting for her Changmin-oppa, but it seems like he’s taking a long time choosing what cakes to eat and she’s starting to get bored.


            “Hey!” a voice suddenly spoke making her turn to where it was coming from. There stood a boy she’s sure is older than her. He was smiling at her kindly. “Can I join you little Miss?”


            “Sure,” she replied simply. 

            “My name is Yunho, Jung Yunho. Pleased to meet you,” he extended his hand to her like how adults do when they’re introduced to someone.


            “Shim Byul,” she responded rather shyly, shaking his hand. Though she’s not really a timid person, she tends to get shy when meeting new people.


            “Is the party boring you, Byul?”


            “Ani. I’m just waiting for Changmin-oppa.”


            “Changmin-oppa? Shim Changmin? Where is he?”


            “Getting cakes,” she heard him laugh.

  “I should have expected that,” he said when he was done laughing.

           “Yeah…” was all Byul can answer. Her eyes roamed around looking for her cousin who when she spotted him was already eating a chocolate cake with a little girl in pigtails who's wearing a red fluffy dress. She decided to just enjoy herself by watching the newly wed couple dancing in the middle surrounded by other couples. A sweet melodious song was playing on the background, lovely indeed.


“Looks like Min is still busy eating and got himself a girl too,” Yunho spoke beside her. “Mind dancing with me?” he extended in hand to her, palms up.

“Ani,” she placed her palm on top of his. Then using his free hand he guided her other hand and placed it on his shoulder before the same hand pulled her closer and settled on her waist.


“Of course I do. The song was Got to Believe in Magic,” she heard him reply, snapping her out her traveling down memory lane.


He was smiling down at her, she smiled back. “My parent’s theme song…”


“Yeah. Now back to planning. What do you think of this set up?” he pointed at a garden wedding set-up on the magazine.


“It’s very nice. But are you having a garden wedding? Or is this for the reception?”


“A garden wedding. It’s what she likes,” he replied with a dreamy look on his face that Byul can’t help but turn her head to hide the look of pain on her face. 


“Is it what you like too, oppa?”


“Ani. I wanted a church wedding originally. But since it’s what she likes then I’m okay with it. I even want a wedding where it would just be me, her, the family, and close friends but she wants it grand so I’m just going along with it. What about you Byul?”


“Just like you I want a church wedding too, only a small gathering of people who are truly family and friends to me and my future husband. I even have the perfect Church in mind. St.Laguna Chapel in Guam.” In her mind she could imagine Yunho as her groom, an imagination which she’s certain will never come true now.


“Wow! You’ve got it all planned out, huh? Now, where’s that future groom?” he joked.


“He’s nearby,” she replied. Checking on whether he’d be jealous.

“Eh? I thought you’re not hiding any man from me? I wanna meet that guy so I can see whether or not he’s worth my agiya,” he was shocked alright. But definitely not jealous, just being protective.


“Lol. I was just kidding. I knew you’d be like this,” she followed her pronouncement with a laugh.


“Well, you should start looking for that future groom Byul. I’m getting married soon, start a family, have kids, and grow old nurturing them with my wife,” he seriously advised her.


“I am. I don’t want to end up in one of those business-like arranged marriages after all,”


In fact, I thought I had found him already. But he’s meant to be someone else’s, not mine. Byul added in her mind. But really, should she start looking for one now? Just so she won’t look that pitiful when his fiancée arrives.


Now that’s a thought.


Tags: band: dbsk/thsk, fic: his wedding her predicament, genre: angst, genre: fluff, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: yunho/oc

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