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Everytime (Side Story: A Letter)

Title: Everytime:
Author: bingkay_baxia
Character/pairing: Sakurai Sho/OC
Genre: Fluff
Summary: 5 years after…It’s Sho’s birthday and Utami writes him a letter.

Side Story: A Letter

My Dearest Sho-shujin,

              Tanjoubi omedetou!

             Living with the “YOU” as my best friend and boyfriend for years has been such a bliss, and having you as my husband is more than that. I can’t believe how lucky I got!

You know…

Everytime you do those sweet gestures, I still feel my heart beat faster --- those actions have become a norm with us being a married couple ne? But I’m glad it still has that effect on me. So, keeping hugging and kissing and making me feel how much you love me, ne? Because it makes me happy…everytime.


Everytime I see you with our kids, I feel like my heart would swell in joy --- you’re not only the best husband, but also the father to our kids. Sure, sometimes I do feel like you’re spoiling Lun-musume so much it’s getting harder for me to handle her, but I know it’s just because you love our musume so much. Besides, I partly blame your brat friend for her behavior, I’m sure if you keep allowing her to hang around him they’d end up marrying each other someday, a brat one and a spoiled one. Oh, and I do complain about you buying Inoo-musuko the piano and all those score sheets when he’s too young to even read them and play a sound aside from noise, but I know you’re just supporting his musical interest and I’m hoping he really does become a great pianist someday. Aside from those I can’t really say complain or anything for I can see how you try your best to be there for them despite how busy you are with work and with me. I just love how you fuss over me especially now that I’m pregnant again with our third child. Our Yama-chan seems to love you even before he comes that he moves a lot whenever you’re around. Please stay the same, ne?  ©

And…Everytime your special day comes this one day of the year, I always want to do something to let you know how much I LOVE YOU --- But for the past 5 years I wasn’t able to do much aside from the ordinary cooking you a feast and giving you a gift routine. *sigh* I’ve disappointed you right? That’s why this year I decided to write you this letter, you’ve always complained about me not writing you a letter and all, so here it is~! I hope by reading this I’ve somehow made you feel the love I have for you.


My shujin, thank you for being with me and for everything; for being the father of my children, for being my husband, for being the man I’d forever love, and for being Sakurai Sho. Suki da yo. Aishiteru. 

Hugs and Kisses,


            Sho closed the letter with a silly and happy grin adorning his face. He placed it back on top of the bedside table beside his cellphone and decided to wear his sweatpants and shirt before heading out to the kitchen where he’s sure his wife is at the moment, cooking him a birthday breakfast meal.

            “Arigatou!” Utami jumped a little when he suddenly snaked his arms around her from behind. “I love the letter.”

            “That’s good then,” she answered before turning her body a little to give him a morning peck on the lips before turning back to finish the seafood style omelet rice he weirdly likes a lot. He just stayed there embracing her from behind.

            The moment she turned the stove off, he turned her around and pulled her closer. Cupping her face he gave her a proper kiss. At first, he only tasted her lips, nibbled her lower lip, and then her upper lip. He loves kissing her lightly, yet so passionately. Not a minute longer he was kissing her thoroughly.

            “Eherm!!!” A sudden loud clearing of throat made them pull away from each other. Looking to the source of the sound they saw their children Lun and Inoo. Inoo is holding a banner with ‘Tanjoubi Omedetto Otou-san’ on it, while Lun have her hands hidden behind her. Sho is quite sure she’s trying to hide a gift for him.

            “Well?” Utami broke the short silence.

            “Tanjoubi Omedetto Otou-san!!!” The two kids shouted in unison as though they did not witness their parents kissing so passionately and had a bit of a shock a while ago.

            “Arigatou Lun-chan, Inoo-chan! Now where’s my birthday kiss?” The two kids ran towards him and gave him a kiss on the cheeks. They also presented their birthday gift to him which they eagerly wanted him to open. Inside is a hand-painted mug which he’s quite certain they painted themselves. It seems like they did not inherit his lack of talent in drawing. He embraced them and said his thank you/s once more. He looked at his wife, and she joined their embrace while stroking her tummy, their 5-month fetus Yamada.

            Pulling them closer, Sho felt his heart swelling with happiness and love too.

           He thought to himself. Everytime I hold my family close like this, I’d always feel like I have entire world. For I have all that I’ve ever longed for in my arms.


Tags: band: arashi, fic: everytime, genre: fluff, length: chaptered, pairing: sho/oc

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