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Book 2: Yes I Will (Chapter 4: Fountains and Roses)

Title: "Yes I Will"
Author: bingkay_baxia
Characters/pairing: Jung Yunho/OC
Genre: Fluff + a pinch of Angst
Length: Chaptered (5/9)
A/N: This is the Book 2 of a 4 Part Series, I was the one who made the storyline and all but it was ruilian_thatsme  who wrote the story for me, she also did Book 1: Missed Shots which can be found in her journal. Book 3: One Fine Dream will be posted by raindrop_symph , and Book 4: The Hoodie Project by 1stfairchild 

Summary: Byul's Japan Adventure: Losing something precious, finding it, and something more...

Chapter Four: Fountains and Roses

I can’t get this guy off my mind the rest of our stay in Japan. Speaking of guys, Rui is really getting along well with her prince. I even saw him playing the piano for her in one of the function rooms in the hotel. They were alone in the room and looked so romantic. I couldn’t resist taking a picture. I almost got caught. Chie also seems to be hiding something as for Misaki let’s just say she’s involved with an Arcade boy.

Yun Ho and I are getting along just as well. We were usually together during the tour and with my friends attending their own matters; I got to chat with him more.

I was careful though with my feelings for him. I’ve been there, gone through that. I don’t want to experience the same heartache all over again, not just yet. I mean, he’s really nice and sweet also fun to be with but guys like him must have a bunch of other girls after him. Especially since he didn’t make any comment in having a girlfriend, fiancée or wife for that matter.

I was having a great time and before I know it we have to go to our separate ways already. In two days time, our tour ends and Yun Ho has to leave a day early.

Shortly after dinner the night before he leaves, he called me out so suddenly that I had a hard time sneaking out without my friends suspecting.

He seemed to have borrowed the hotel car once again. He drove me to some kind of park. We walked in and found a fountain at the center with colorful lights that made the water seem to dance along with its blinking pattern.

We sat in one of the bench and simply enjoyed the view and each other’s company feeling the parting time coming closer.

“Byul, can you close your eyes and count to a hundred?” Yun Ho suddenly asked me.

“What? Why? What for?” I asked startled, thinking he might try and kiss me or something.

“You ask so many questions. Come on, trust me and just close your eyes and count.” He insisted.

I gave in and closed my eyes and started to count. I felt foolish sitting there and counting like a kid playing hide-and-seek. Good thing, there wasn’t many people around that night. As I was nearing to a hundred, I wondered if Yun Ho really hid and if have to shout, “Ready or not here I come!” for some reason, that thought gave me goose bumps.

When I opened my eyes the fragrance of flowers filled my nose as I found a bouquet of a dozen of red and white roses. Six white and six red roses to be exact.

He must have gone to get it while I was counting. I was touched. Another check!

“I have to leave tomorrow afternoon, so this is considered as our last night here in Japan. I don’t know when and where we will meet again someday but I’m sure I’ll be able to meet you again. You’re really special and I’ve enjoyed the times I spent with you here. Thank you. Promise me that you won’t forget me ‘til we meet again.”

“I…*sniff* I…I promise.” The thought of maybe never seeing this person again and remembering the happy times we spent together finally started to sink in but it is a different kind of heartache, maybe because, I prepared myself for this day and didn’t put too much hope in it.

                He wrapped me in his arms and we stayed like that for a while then we just sat there and he told me of his plans in life and I told him mine and then we drove back to the hotel.

                I felt like crying but I have to be brave and not show my friends, they’ll worry for sure.


Tags: band: dbsk/thsk, fic: yes i will, length: chaptered, pairing: yunho/oc

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