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Book 2: Yes I Will (Chapter 1: The Wish)

Title: "Yes I Will"
Author: bingkay_baxia
Characters/pairing: Jung Yunho/OC
Genre: Fluff + a pinch of Angst
Length: Chaptered (2/9)
A/N: This is the Book 2 of a 4 Part Series, I was the one who made the storyline and all but it was ruilian_thatsme  who wrote the story for me, she also did Book 1: Missed Shots which can be found in her journal. Book 3: One Fine Dream will be posted by raindrop_symph , and Book 4: The Hoodie Project by 1stfairchild 

Summary: Byul's Japan Adventure: Losing something precious, finding it, and something more...

Chapter One: The Wish

                “I can’t believe it! We’re actually here in the land of the rising sun!” my heart was racing as we got on the tour bus. Together with my friends Chie, Misaki and Rui, we came to this country as our graduation trip. “…namely…” I continued.

                “Japan!” we all shouted in unison. I couldn’t care if people are watching. I’m just too excited to be here after four long years, “treacherous” as Rui calls it.

                The bus is heading to the hotel where we will be staying. The scenery going there was fantastic; Rui kept on clicking on her camera.

                We finally arrived in the hotel. It had a nice traditional Japanese touch. We were greeted by women in kimono one of whom was a girl who introduced herself as Keiko. She led us to our room where we unpacked our stuff and rested for a few moments before going to the hotel’s dining room for our lunch. We were starving. The food was delicious or as they call it here in Japan, “Oishi!”

                After a while, our tour guide called us in for our first destination. We went to various historical places in the area, I listened attentively to the guide as she explained every place we went to and just about everything passed by. It was rather fascinating. Afterwards, we went to the mall to buy kimonos for that night’s destination.

                Speaking of kimonos, it wasn’t as easy putting it on as we thought it was but once Keiko came to our rescue, we all actually looked good on it. We all wore our favorite color. White for Chie, Pink for Misaki, Blue for Rui and Green for me.

                We went to a so-called “Tanabata Festival,” in English “Star Festival”. It was wonderful just like what we used to see on TV back home, the place was illuminated by Japanese lanterns, with stalls selling different types of delicious food and fun games. We more or less tried just about everything. After wards we went uphill where a large tree was situated.

                We were curious as to why there are people surrounding the tree. A local explained that we could make a wish on the tree spirit by writing our wishes on a wooden amulet then hang it on the tree. As we got closer, we could see that there are already a number of amulets hanged.

                Misaki was very eager to try it so we gave it a shot. I was wondering what to wish for when I saw this guy earnestly writing on his amulet. It made me wonder what he wished for. By then, I was reminded of the piece of paper where I wrote my signs of knowing my destiny, my twin flame, my knight in shining armor, my whatever- you- call-it. Anyway, it’s basically a list of what I want my fated one to do for me to know that he’s really “the ONE”. Actually, we all did it, my friends and me. We even had our picture taken with it before we placed it in an ancient box, Rui found somewhere. A bit childish I know.

                We all finished writing our wishes and got our picture taken with it as we hanged it. By the time we finished, the guy was gone. I forgot about him as soon as the fireworks started. We were too tired when we got back to the hotel and too full that we fell asleep right away.


Tags: band: dbsk/thsk, fic: yes i will, length: chaptered, pairing: yunho/oc

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