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Book 2: Yes I Will (Forewords) and (Prologue)

Title: "Yes I Will"
Author: bingkay_baxia
Characters/pairing: Jung Yunho/OC
Genre: Fluff + a pinch of Angst
Length: Chaptered (1/9)
A/N: This is the Book 2 of a 4 Part Series, I was the one who made the storyline and all but it was ruilian_thatsme  who wrote the story for me, she also did Book 1: Missed Shots which can be found in her journal. Book 3: One Fine Dream will be posted by raindrop_symph , and Book 4: The Hoodie Project by 1stfairchild 
Summary: Byul's Japan Adventure: Losing something precious, finding it, and something more...



“Yes I Will,” three words forming a line a lot stronger than “I love you.” For me, that is. Why? Because it means acceptance of what there is, and what is yet to come. 

“Yes I Will,” three words I’ve dreamt of saying to that man who took my heart and kept it to himself for so long. I never imagined myself uttering those three words to another man; the one who gave my heart back, took a part of it, and gave a part of his in return. I couldn’t be anymore happier.

“Yes I Will,” three words that means so much more than what it seems.

Annyeong~! Byul-shii imnida, and this is my story…




Prologue: Back in Namsan

“Yes I will” I never thought I would still be able to say those words in this life time in response to this man, destiny has brought to me, down on his knees saying the words I longed to hear from those lips,

I open my eyes and I see your face.

 I cannot hide. I can’t erase the way you make me feel inside.

 You complete me girl that’s why.

 Something about you makes me feel.

 Baby my heart wants to reveal.

I’m down on my knees I’m asking you.

 Say these three words I wanna hear from you.

“Yes I will” Take your hand and walk with you.

“Yes I will” say these three words I promise you

“Yes I will” give you everything you need and someday start a family with you.

This is no ordinary love and I can never have enough of all the things you’ve given to me.

You’re my heart, my soul, my everything.

Every night I thank you Lord for giving me the strength to love her more and more each day,

I promise her.

 As long as I hear those three words.

Staying beside you in everything you do.

Wherever you go whatever you do baby I’ll be there.

With God as my witness, I will carry this through.

Till death do us part I promise to you…"Yes, I will.”

We are back here in Namsan tower since fate let us meet again three years ago. At the same place where my heart was resurrected yet again by this person before me.

Who would have thought I would find something extra special along with what I was originally looking for? Who would have thought that a simple home- made chocolate cake would start it all? How a plain piece of paper filled with renewed hope make so much difference in my life?

Tags: band: dbsk/thsk, fic: yes i will, length: chaptered, pairing: yunho/oc

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