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Everytime (Chapter 5)

Title: Everytime
Author: bingkay_baxia
Character/pairing: Sakurai Sho/OC
Genre: Fluff
Length: Chaptered (6/7)
Summary: Sho-kun and Utami-chan's special everytimes...



Fifth: Everytime I hear that song on the background, I could hear him singing for me.




Meet me by the Sakura watching park at 8 am. The weather forecast says it’ll be winding and cloudy today. Perfect for Sakura watching without getting bothered by Mr. Sun. See yah!




                I read his silly note and giggled. You just don’t fail to make me smile do you? I talked to him in my mind.

Now, where is he? Did he oversleep? I really should have just gone by his house across mine.


                “Boo! Sakura-chan!”


                “Aah!” I let out a startled scream when a big white teddy bear suddenly appeared in front of me, out of nowhere.


                “You shouldn’t have scared me like that. Bad Sho-kun!”I slapped his arms playfully.


                “Gomen. I didn’t know you would get that startled.”He held my hand that did the slapping.


                “Daijobou. Is this for me?”I asked smiling, happy with how thoughtful my boyfriend is. My boyfriend, I love referring to him as that. I never thought I’d be able to introduce him as one before. I was ready to go living with the idea that’s he is my best friend, and nothing more.


                “Yeah.” He nodded with that bashful smile I really find cute.


                “Are we celebrating something today? It isn’t my tanjoubi.”


                “Just accept it and after saying arigatou help me take the food s out and place them on the picnic mat.”


                “Arigatou my Shaoran!” I hugged him tight and gave him a peck on the cheek.I feel like making him feel just how special he is to me too. He knows how much I loved the famous Anime couple.


                “You’re playing your part in our act today, huh?”


                “Yeah. But, you should have gotten us those costumes too.”


                “I just want to act. I don’t want to do some cosplay.”


                “But it would have been a lot more memorable. I loved CCS.”



                After 7 hours of eating, talking, playing around, and having subtle lovey-dovey moments in the park, Sho suddenly stood up and said he left something in the car. He came back carrying a guitar case.


     “Are you singing and playing that for me? Could I request a song?”


                “You can request later.” He sat down and took the string instrument out of its case. “I prepared a song for you.”


                “I’m looking forward to it then.” I did three claps to tell him to start.


                He started strumming and sang for me:

~Love So Sweet~


The thing sparkling wasn’t the mirror or the sun.

Because I realized that it was you.

The moon always smiles above the tear-filled clouds.

It is another love story.

The dreams we noticed are now beyond yesterday.

A love song echoes in the sky.


Memories of a heaven we will never, ever forget.

Even if we are apart.

There will never be a chance to meet someone I love so much.

Shine more, my greatest lady.

I’m sure my feelings will gently reach you.

Believing is everything.

Love so sweet.

                By the time he was done with his little performance, I was crying. I felt touched and I could feel him reach through to my very soul. It’s weird but I feel as though he is sending me off, off to somewhere far away. However, at the same time, there was a sense of reassurance; reassurance that though we’d be separated physically, our hearts and souls would remain together no matter how long it may take before our bodies reunite. Moreover, it spoke of a love, a love that will stay strong, that will resonate, that will remain sweet no matter what happens.


                “It was beautiful. Arigatou!” I raised my head and looked up at him.


                At the moment, he opened his eyes and I saw that he was crying too. I smiled realizing that this is actually the first time, ever since I met him that I saw him crying.

   Was he touched as well? Moved by the kind of love we share.

   But why is it that his eyes look sad? Isn’t it supposed to look happy? Like when you’re shedding tears of joy.


              “Utami-chan. Omedetto!” He finally spoke, and I was puzzled.

  Omedetto? For what? I wanted to ask but the words won’t come out.


 “You got accepted. You’ll have your on the job training in that research facility in Russia. I was asked by the Dean to give you the acceptance letter since they couldn’t get a hold of you yesterday.” He told me as though reading the questions mind.


 He gave me a smile, a forced one.


 I know he wanted me to go so I am able to grow and achieve my dreams, I know he’s proud of me, but I also know he is sad.  Who wouldn’t be? We just started going out a month ago and then --- this.

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Tags: band: arashi, fic: everytime, genre: fluff, length: chaptered, pairing: sho/oc

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