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Everytime (Chapter 4)

Title: Everytime
Author: bingkay_baxia
Character/pairing: Sakurai Sho/OC
Genre: Fluff
Length: Chaptered (5/7)
Summary: Sho-kun and Utami-chan's special everytimes...


Fourth:  Everytime I play card games, I could hear you telling me secrets.


                    “Sho-kun, I got a new set of cards.” I waved the deck in front of him excitedly. “It’s green too. Chie got it for me when she saw it while on a date with her ‘real face’ boyfriend yesterday.” I continued babbling like a child who just got a new toy. Well, I do feel like one. I love green stuffs.


                “I wonder how Jun-kun would react when he hears you calling him that” He got it from me and started shuffling, already used to how hyper I could get whenever I get new green things to add to my collection.


                “He’ll say Aiba-san’s been rubbing off on you too much, while you’re passing on the virus on to me.”


                “You and your words, you’re making it sound as though Aiba’s baka-ness is a virus.”


                “It is.His baka-ness virus was passed on to you and turned into a fail-ness virus as it adapted to your system. You should be glad it didn’t mutate into a stronger form.”I giggled.


                He ruffled my hair like always and laid down the now well shuffled deck.


                “What should we play?” I said eyeing the deck.


                “Let’s play a round of each game we both know, the one who’ll get the more wins at the end of all rounds could ask three questions that the loser should answer and couldn’t not answer. Deal?” He raised a thumb up as if to seal it off.


                “Deal.” I touched his thumb with mine and grinned. “You brought this upon yourself.”


                After 5 rounds of playing different card games, the score was 4:1. In favor of…ME!


                “Yatta! I won.” I giggled and did a little victory dance. “I knew you would lose. Come here and I’ll start the interrogation.”


                “Wakarimasu. But promise me you won’t get mad if I could say something you might not like. Pinky promise?” He extended his pinky finger.


                I intertwined it with mine. “Yakusuko.”




                “Question number 1: We’ve known each other since we were in diapers. You’ve been my best friend since God knows when. Do you have secrets you’re not telling me too?”


                He looked at me straight in the eyes, as though he wanted to see something reflected in it before answering.

    “Yes. But it’s not because I don’t trust you enough. It’s because I can’t tell you. I find it hard to tell you.”


                I nodded in understanding and continued my so-called interrogation.

    “Question number 2: How many secrets are you keeping from me? Be accurate.”




                “Five? What? That many?” I was frantic. How could he? Up until now I only have one secret I’ve been keeping from him, yet he has five. Am I a bad best friend? Or maybe I’m just over reacting. I hate it when there are so many things I don’t know off; most especially if it is related to this man in front of me, Sakurai Sho.


                “Yes. Five.” He restated calmly.


                “Question number 3: What are those 5 secrets? Tell me now. Don’t lie to me.” I gave him a mad pout.


                “I couldn’t tell you now. It should be special.”


                “You have no right to refuse answering. You said it yourself, and I’m dying to know. And what do you mean special? As long as we’re with each other it’s special, because we both consider each other special. Now, hayako!” I’m really not good with all theses himitsu.


                He sighed.


                “Fine. But don’t complain your hopeless romantic self later on.”


                Huh? I asked in my mind wondering how my being a hopeless romantic could relate to his secrets.


                “Here I go. Listen carefully and don’t react until I’m done saying everything.” He began.


    “One. I wanna hold you.” I gasped. He looked at me straight in the eye.


                “Two, I wanna kiss you.” My eyes popped out. He smirked.


                “Three, I wanna see you only looking at me.” I’m unable to speak. He took a deep breath.


                “ Four, I wanna spend my entire lifetime with you.” My neck went stiff. He took a deeper breath.


                “Five, I love you. Been loving you for years.” It’s official, my entire body’s been paralyzed. His eyes looked hopeful, no, more like hoping with a shade of sincerity and a glint of uncertainty.


                “Now, you know. Aren’t you going to say anything. Now, it’s me who’s dying to know. You’re killing me by the minute. Utami-chan?”  I broke out of my bubble and finally found my voice.


                “U-ureshii. I love you too Sho-kun. What took you so long to say those words?” I embraced him as tight as I could. I was indeed happy. He told me earlier it had to be special. Well, this is special. For every moment I spend with him is special. He just doesn’t know it.


                “I didn’t know you were waiting.” He teased.


                I was about to open my mouth to let out a response when I felt his lips touch mine. He grabbed me by the nape and pulled me closer. At first he was just tasting my lips, teasing with those butterfly-like kisses, and then he began to nibble my upper lip, giving the same treatment to the lower lip afterwards. I couldn’t suppress a moan from escaping my lips as I kissed him back. It felt so good to be kissed so lightly yet so passionately.  I could feel his tongue nudge my lips as though asking for a permission to deepen the kiss, I opened up, and the next thing that registered in my mind was that I’m being kissed thoroughly.


    “I feel like I’m a king right now, kissing his most precious queen. Hontou daisuki” He whispered as we took a breather.


                “Daisuki.” I responded and allowed him to deepen the kiss we’re sharing further.


                We’re finally in an official more than friendship relationship now. I couldn’t be anymore happier.

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Tags: band: arashi, fic: everytime, genre: fluff, length: chaptered, pairing: sho/oc

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