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Everytime (Chapter 3)

Title: Everytime
Author: bingkay_baxia
Character/pairing: Sakurai Sho/OC
Genre: Fluff
Length: Chaptered (4/7)
Summary: Sho-kun and Utami-chan's special everytimes...


Third: Everytime I have a jacket over my shoulders, I could feel his presence.


               I had been busy doing my final research paper in the library for the past few weeks. I swear my laptop and all the books have become my best friends already. Seated in my usual desk I did some editing and revisions. However, I’m unable to concentrate. It feels so cold. I left my jacket in my rush this morning. I rubbed my palms together and crossed my fingers. Hoping that my body’s warming mechanism is working just fine.


I felt something like cotton land on my shoulders. I stiffened for a second, and turned to my left, no one; to my right, and I saw the back of a man with slumped shoulders walking in a hurry.

So, that is why it smells very familiar. Like lavender. Like Sho-kun.


            I got my keitai out and decided to send him a text message.


                     Sender: Utami-chii

                Receiver: Sho-hentai

                Message: Tnx for the jacket!

      How did u know I needed one?


    Sender: Sho-hentai

                Receiver: Utami-chii

                Message: I saw ur big goosebumps when I approached.

       I got so scared so I just threw my jacked on u & scurried off.


                Sender: Utami-chii

                Receiver: Sho-hentai

                Message: Meanie! And I was actually sincerely thanking u.


    Sender: Sho-hentai

                Receiver: Utami-chii

                Message: I was joking.  Do itashimashite.

      I noticed u were feeling cold wen I passed by.

     But I realized I’ll b late 4 d council meeting so I just rushed out after placing it on ur shoulders.


            That’s Sho-kun for you. He’s my Superman, and I’m his Louis Lane.

In the sense, that he’s just always there– at the right place during the right time. Small or big my dilemma may be he just comes and save the day. He’s dependable like this.

Well, now I have a memory of the feeling cold and warming up with just his jacket over my shoulders.

            Should I call him heater-Sho-kun now? Or perhaps blanket-Sho-kun?

            I’m being silly again. This kind of secure feeling makes me feel like it is fine for me to be silly too.

Tags: band: arashi, fic: everytime, genre: fluff, length: chaptered, pairing: sho/oc

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