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Everytime (Chapter 2)

Title: Everytime
Author: bingkay_baxia
Character/pairing: Sakurai Sho/OC
Genre: Fluff
Length: Chaptered (3/7)
Summary: Sho-kun and Utami-chan's special everytimes...


Second: Everytime I take night walks, I remember him.


            [Call my nameless name now. kono tsumi wo Share de Tell me…]


                “Moshi-mosh!” He picked up cheerfully.


                You’re really a big hentai!. Even your ringback sounds so hentai!” I made myself sound as though I’m an obaa-san scolding a young man on the other line before laughing out loud so he’d know I’m only acting out.


                “Well, I am. Wanna come over and watch me play the piano wearing just a towel wrapped around my lower body? Or should I go naked just for you?” He answered in amusement. Perhaps because I was the one who started fooling around this time? I think so.


                “Dame desu! Hentai!!! You’re really hopeless. Tsk2x. ”


                “But you love this hentai.”


                “Whatever Sho-kun.”


                “That’s nice; at least you’re not actually saying you don’t.” I could imagine him smiling from the other line. Then I heard him laughing loudly.


                “Ya! Would you stop that!” I tried to sound annoyed as I could hear him laughing still, he’s really enjoying this.


                “So, why are you calling a hentai like me if you’re not looking for some…?”  He continued.


                “Sho-kun?” I made myself sound serious and gave and exasperated sigh. I don’t want to continue on the topic of him being a hentai any longer. I’m afraid of what will come out of his mouth next. Also, I’m beet red in embarrassment already. My, I feel so glad that he can’t see me right now.


He stopped laughing. That tone is really effective all the time. 


“I’m bored.” I said after a while. It really was the reason why I called him up. I’m bored and I know he could take my boredom away. His mere presence takes the boredom away, like he has a way to keep me from feeling any sense of weariness. He doesn’t need to know that much though.


                “Hmm…come out then.”


                “Huh? It’s late.”


                “Don’t worry. I’ll be waiting by your doorstep. Let’s take a night walk. The breeze seem nice even from my bedroom window.”


                “Alright. I’ll just put on some thicker clothing.” I began rising from my bed to search my closet for any coat or jacket I could wear over my green Keroro PJs.


                “Or you could just ask me to wrap my arms around you as we walk.” He suggested.


                “That’ll make it hard for us to walk, hentai. I’m ending the call.” And beep. Settling for a knitted white coat, I hurriedly prepared myself. I know he’ll be here any minute from now.


                [Ding. Dong.]


                “Yo!” He greeted as I opened the door. “I told you don’t have to put on anything thick. Ever heard of body heat?” He continued eyeing my white coat.


                “You did. It’s just that I don’t want to be taken advantage of… by a hentai.”I looked over at him as I closed the door softly, I don’t want to wake my parents up. It’s already 11 in the evening after all.


                “And yet you enjoy this hentai’s company.” He answered back while offering his arms. I hooked my arms through and we began our night walk.


                “Haha! The hentai’s the only one available because he’s an insomniac like me.”


                “Hmm…you sound as though you don’t have a choice.”


                “Do I have one?”


                “You don’t,” he replied plainly and ruffled my hair a bit.


                We walked through the streets, talking about our day and simply enjoying the cold breeze of the night, without any definite direction. I was thinking of suggesting that we go to the park nearby before our legs get tired from all the walking but he beat me to it, he had the same thought. 

Seeing a bench he pulled me to sit beside him, placed his arms around my shoulders, laid my head down his slopped yet strong shoulders and rested his head on top of mine.

“The stars sure are shining brightly tonight, ohime.”


                “Hai oujisama. I could see my favorite constellations out too. There’s Cassiopeia and Orion’s belt.” I pointed up as though I am tracing the stars. Oh! If you’re wondering if we are playing prince and princess now the answer is ‘No’. He’s simply fond of calling me ohime whenever he’s in the mood, just like now.


                “Wanna hear Orion’s love story?” I could feel his fingers start sift through my hair and I couldn’t help but close my eyes. It feels good, soothing if I may describe further the effect of his simple action on my system.


I nodded.


“I’ll have you answer a question afterwards so you have to listen carefully, ohime.” He continued.


                “Umm…I’m listening.” I said almost in a murmur as I interlocked my fingers with his. It’s such a perfect fit. Too perfect for two people who are no more than the best of friends but I’m not complaining. I’m just happy to have him this close to me right now. I squeezed his hand to tell him to continue.


                “Orion, the hunter, stands by the river Eridanus, and with him are his devoted dogs–Canis Minor and Canis Major. The three of them hunt celestial animals. But you see, what’s interesting about this little story is that, Orion here is in love with Merope, one of the seven sisters forming the Pleides. However, Merope didn’t like Orion for some reasons.”


“I wonder…”


“Anyway, Orion died when he stepped on Scorpius, the scorpion. The Gods took pity in him so that’s why he was placed in the sky along with his two dogs, and was surrounded by the animals he hunted. Scorpius, on the other hand, was placed on the opposite side; so Orion wouldn’t get hurt by it again.”


“Am I still listening to Orion and Merope’s love story? Or is this Orion and Scorpius’ now?”


“Ya! I’m not done yet and I’m showing off my mythology knowledge here so zip that pretty mouth of yours first. Let me finish. Wakarimashita?”


“Hai! Wakarimasu…”


                “As for Merope, she married a mortal. That’s why Merope is a very shy star, always trying to hide herself, because she’s ashamed of about marrying a mortal. Now, here’s the question. Why do you think did Merope not like Orion? ”


                “Maybe because he’s ugly?” He shook his head no.

“He smells? I looked up at him, his forehead had creases that says I’m being absurd.

Still no?” I asked and he shook his head again.

“Maybe, she was scared o f his dogs?”I gave my last guess.


                “Haha! Actually, nobody really knows the exact reason why; but they say it’s because Orion lacks a very important part of the male anatomy. His winkie is said to be none existent.”


                “You’re really a hentai Sho-kun. Should I run away now?” I started pulling away but he held me back, tighter.


“You can’t. Stay right here. I’ll sing you to sleep. Don’t worry, I’ll carry you home. I think I’ve worked out enough to do so.” Now here goes my lullaby. Yay! He, Sho-kun, may not have the best voice but I love it whenever he sings for me, it just soothes and calms me in a special way.


“Just make sure I don’t wake up seeing bruises caused by falls or else you’ll have to go into hiding.”


“Hai. Hai. Trust me.”


“Oh! And that’s the end of Orion’s love story by the way. His love was unrequited until the very end. I wonder if I’ll die like him.” He said before clearing his throat, preparing to sing.


“Why? Do you have one?” I asked. But he didn’t answer and just started singing me to sleep.


Wandering around this city,

And this miracle that I ran into you
Even now, you exist deep in my heart

Although we tightly held hands
So that we wouldn't disappear in the rain that began to fall
Every time I hold you close
My aching heart is beaten by the rain

The two of us from those days couldn't be honest with each other
I always passed the seasons by gazing at you from the side, didn't I?
(If I close my eyes, this is a painful love)
Unable to one day say the words "I love you"
The gentle memories (are shining)
The tears I'd been fighting back spilled over and were hidden by the wind

Everything is glittering, just like time has stood still
We always saw our never-ending dream, didn't we?


                “Oh. She fell asleep.” I heard him say as I pretended to be in dream land. “Oyasuminasai Utami-ohime…” He kissed my forehead and said, “Now, you have a memory of a night walk and star gazing with me.”

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Tags: band: arashi, fic: everytime, genre: fluff, length: chaptered, pairing: sho/oc

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