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Everytime (Chapter 1)

Title: Everytime
Author: bingkay_baxia
Character/pairing: Sakurai Sho/OC
Genre: Fluff
Length: Chaptered (2/7)
Summary: Sho-kun and Utami-chan's special everytimes...


First: Everytime it rains, I think of him.


               “Ame.” I mutter excitedly as I extend my hands to catch some raindrops in my palms. While he chuckles seemingly amused beside me. “Nani?” I ask.


            He shakes his head to say that there’s nothing and continued chuckling.


“Ugh! You’re hopeless.”  I gave him an annoyed look while he gave me a silly grin.


With him copying what I was doing, we stood there just silently catching raindrops, smiling, comfortable with only hearing the sound of the ame and the kaze.


“Ne, Utami-chii. Do you know how Lancelot made Guinevere drink water from the rain?


“Hmm…Well, did he ask her to extend her neck back and open her mouth wide?”


“Really sarcastic…I just wanted you to answer it with a simple yes or a no.”




“Then I’ll show you.” He took my hand and dragged me with him. The next thing I knew, we were running in the rain, uncaring of how soaked we already are. I couldn’t help but look at his hand that’s tightly holding mine, and smile. Ahh…why does your hand make me feel so warm all over? I ask you in my mind.


“We’re here.” In front of us is a tall plant which has strong, elliptical shaped leaves.


“Eh? Here?” I looked around and back at the plant, dumbfounded.


Without giving me any response, he made two of the leaves overlap each other in a way that the raindrops from the upper leaf would flow to the one below. “Tilt your head and drink the raindrops flowing down from the lower leaf, Utami-chii. It won’t be as tasteless as drinking it directly as it drops from the sky.” 


I did so hesitantly. I was thinking that maybe he’d laugh at me afterwards for following his command like an idiot, and of how gullible I sometimes tend to be. But it really was true. The raindrops never tasted this good in my tongue, like a less tangy version of soda water.


He was looking at me with curious eyes the entire time. I know wanted to know as to how my reaction would be. So I really held myself back from looking pleased before turning to him.


“Yum. Your knowledge is really interesting my knight.” I decided to play Guinevere even though I wasn’t really a fan of her and Lancelot’s characters, my heart went out to King Arthur. But Sho-kun here is a fan of their Medieval chivalric love affair.


                He gave me his signature cute bashful smile as a reply before saying,

    “Now, you have a memory of the rain with me, my lady”

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Tags: band: arashi, fic: everytime, genre: fluff, length: chaptered, pairing: sho/oc

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