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Diary Entry #1 : My 27th.

I had always thought that I could have my life planned out. That's why I said that by 27 I would have a stable job in an English-speaking country and married so I can have a child before I turn 30. However, life will not always go as you would want it to. A lot of things happened that changed the course of my life. I found myself unemployed and studying to be a Registered Nurse of a certain country and without a boyfriend as I turned 27 this year.


I thought I would be devastated but I was not, I was just somehow frustrated with myself. Anyway, I went to church to thank God for giving me another year to live and to achieve all my goals and aspirations. There something magical happened. It seemed like the Almighty has a message to send out to comfort me because the priest's homily hit me straight. He talked about how everyone would have different times for them to reach their dreams, that some would get to do a shortcut while there are those who are destined to take the longer road. He talked about beauty of waiting and how God teaches us to have patience. I almost cried if only I did not have three of my younger cousins in tow.

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It wasn't as grand as my celebration last year where I had four cakes to blow and two surprise events courtesy of my family, friends and colleagues in Jeddah. Still, this year is more special because after 2 years I finally celebrated it with my mother. She told me that she wants to do a big bash for me but I declined and said I just want to have a quite dinner with family.


After the mass, we went to a mall and ate at a Filipino-themed restaurant where the waiter missed out one of my orders so it was served when we were already almost done with the meal and I didn't even get to take a photo of it as I immediately digged in to my favorite Kare-Kare the moment it was placed on the table.


Overall, my 27th has been a quite and heart-warming occasion. I wish that this will be one of the best years of my life.
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