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Salt (Of Sugar and Salt)

Title: SALT (Of Sugar and Salt)
Characters: Samurai Sho/OC
Genre: Angst, Romance
Length: 6 Drabbles
A/N: This is un-betaed. Excuse any grammar error or typos. ^-^
Summary: Sometimes you have to make a hard decision so you can move forward.

The wind was chilly, winter season is almost there that's why. She rubbed her palms together and blew them warm, thinking how stupid it is for her to pick staying in the outdoor sitting of the cafe. Yet feels it is necessary for her to do so, to prepare herself for what she is about to do and to avoid others from overhearing.

Just then a sleek silver car parked in the opposite road, a man in his business suit came out the driver's seat soon after. He half ran to where she was seated.

"Hontou gomen. The meeting took longer than scheduled. Did you wait for long?"

"Heki. I didn't wait that long," she replied.

A lie. She has been waiting for an hour already. This always happens, him being late if not calling to cancel their date, he's a very busy man. But she always comes on time still, hoping especially today that for once he won't make her wait.

"That's a relief. So, how was work?"

"Same old. Tiring but fulfilling. You?"

"I'm still busy with the new business partnership the company must establish with some European businesses. It's what held me up."

"Oh, I hope you didn't forget eating meals in between then. Health is most important Sho-kun."

"You're always there to remind me to do so. I'm fine," he said with a smile.

"You should make an alarm note for meals."

"I don't think it's necessary, you're there. By the way, where do you want to have dinner? There's this new yakiniku bar I wanted to try out. Masaki said it's really good."

As expected. If there is one thing that never changed in their relationship over the past five years it's the fact that Sho-kun always has a plan for every date. Even if only for dinner.

"Utami-chan?" He asked when she didn't say anything and just sat there with a smile he can't help but see as bittersweet.

"I can't go to dinner with you today Sho-kun, not in any other time too."

He looked confused, perhaps uncomprehending for once the words that are coming out of her mouth. She took a deep breath. This is it.

"Let's break up," she uttered with the amount of conviction she can muster, even if her folded hands on her lap are shaking and even if her tears can fall anytime now.

"Sayonara," she stood up and reached out to touch his cheek one last time and kissed him goodbye.

Before winter season comes, on this chilly afternoon, just as the sun is setting she said goodbye to the man she loves with all her heart. Leaving behind only a letter.

A letter. To explain how she has to say goodbye before her love for him turns into something hateful. To thank him for the five years that has passed; for the drive dates around Yokohama, for the meal dates in different places she's never been to before, for the movie dates, and for all the sugar sweet memories he has given her. Memories she will never forget for the rest of her life.

Sometimes we have to say goodbye.

Because it is time to do so.

Because it is the only way to keep moving forward.

Even if your heart is breaking with every step away that you take.
Tags: band: arashi, fic: salt (of sugar and salt), genre: angst, genre: romance, pairing: sho/oc

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